Learning Centers


Posted by Ronnie | Posted in Featured | Posted on 06-12-2012

Knowledge is a key element in the development and success of a both an individual and a country. The learning experience is shaped by the conditions in which it takes place. Learning is a cognitive process that leads to change of behavior. This then mean that there has to be the best environment for learning. There are different factors that can lead to failure of learning despite going to school. It is good to appreciate the role of the society in learning.
Passing in examination is not a proof of learning. There are barriers that can cause failure of learning despite the efforts made in learning. These barriers may be physiological, physical or psychological. Knowledge of these factors is a sure guide in constructing or choosing a learning center. A learning center is unanimous to s kindergarten or a preschool. However, a learning center is not a tutored situation, Learners learn in groups and carry out discussions and co-operative learning.
Factors to consider when constructing a learning center.
These factors can be categorized as physical, meaning the physical setting of the center or the groups themselves.
Physical setting
A learning center should be spacious enough to enable the learners to have adequate psychological space which is necessary for health mental disposition when learning.
Make sure that the learning center is well ventilated. This is good for the cognitive processes of learning.
An effective learning center should have adequate learning materials and storage facilities for those materials. Disorganization of materials creates a state of an easiness and fatigue.
Learning Groups
Make relatively small group of pupils consisting of minimum of five and a maximum of eight pupils. This ensures that all the pupils access all the materials for learning. It also reduces the chances of pupils misbehaving or to lack concentration.