Why pre-school learning is important for your kid?


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Preschool is a place where you send your toddlers or 3-4 year olds to help them attain primary learning. They learn the first lessons of life from here. Preschools do not necessarily put pressure on education. It takes premiere care in shaping the kids into good human beings. The way in which chanting prayers, having food while sharing with your friends, sanitary steps, basic manners etc are imparted to the children, moulds the child into an effective individual for the society. It’s the basic building block, I would say in a human’s life.

Now, coming onto why it is important in your child’s life, the best answer would be they would know for the first time how the outside world is for them. They would know how to exist or survive among other kids. As far as the preschool is concerned, all kids will be of more or less the same age. Their needs would be the same. Now here is where, they learn to share things be it naturally, after pampering or after a scolding; they would come to know that things should be shared. This will prove helpful to the parents if they are planning for another kid in a year or two. Moreover, if your kid finds no problem in going to his/her preschool, then that would be a hectic job over for the parents who send them to kindergarten the next year. You see the child becomes accustomed to going to school on time, having lunch, coming back etc.

What the children learn?

Nowadays, kids learn a lot after going to preschool. They learn to count numbers, recognize letters, shapes and recite simple rhymes. They learn sharing. They tend to have a sense of responsibility which is very useful in any human being. They learn how to respect others and their feelings, compromise and solve small problems. You will be quite surprised to see your prince/ princess handling things all by him/her. They become capable of doing things themselves such as drinking their milk, having their food, going to toilet, cleaning their shoes etc. Children in this age have a lot of doubts to be asked. They start their day with a doubt in their mouth and may be go to bed with another question in their lips. It’s because they are trying to explore the world all by themselves. But, while teaching them all of these, one should keep in mind that they hate to just sit down and study. That’s not their age to sit and do nothing. They are at their best when we leave them like butterflies.

What is the age to be left at preschool?

Generally, the appropriate age to leave your kid at preschool is 3 years or above. But nowadays, working moms tend to leave their kids by almost 2 ½ years for their convenience. But, that is so small an age to be left there. They may have a sense of insecurity in such cases. Anyhow, if your kid is short tempered, this may prove helpful for you because they will learn to control their anger when they are in a group.

Anyways, as a conclusion, I would add up that Home is the best school for every child. However, in this fast world, where both parents would be working, it is very brilliant if you leave your kid at preschool.

Learning centers for little ones


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Any learning center for children should take on a particular system as set out in law. For instance, learning classrooms and play facilities are supposed to be designed in a certain way. Classrooms for kids are most effective when they are designed in a way far different from the way that classrooms for adults would be designed.
A learning center is actually a particular location in the classroom of kids that is representative of a certain curriculum in the education of the kids. There are a lot of types of learning centers that could be set up in order to keep the kids interested in the learning process. These learning centers would be most efficient if they would be changed on a regular basis in order to keep the kids’ interest all the more higher.
Kids have always got a tendency to get bored pretty fast especially with routines. When the learning centers are the same then this in a way becomes more or less a routine and the kids are certainly going to be bored by them soon enough and this would certainly not be good for their early education.
The interest of children needs to be drawn into education right from the start in order for them to develop a good and very strong foundation. Building a good foundation for the education of kids at that early age will as well make them ever so interested in getting the best out of education even as they grow up and advance to higher levels of education.
This certainly builds in children a culture of hard work which is one that every parent would love to see in their offspring. The learning centers offer the children with playing centers in which they could have fun. They make the kids desire to explore more when they are creatively designed.